I grew up in Montréal, Canada, but studied at the National Film Academy in Lodz, Poland where I graduated with an MFA honours. There, I sharpened my practice as a media artist. Since then, my pieces have been shown around Europe and in Canada at various venues including the Museum of Cinematography, Lodz, the Museum of Photography, Odense, Denmark and the Cinemathèque québecoise in Montréal. In 2011 I was invited by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lodz (Muzeum Sztuki) to show my work along side celebrated Polish and international artists such as Stefan Themreson, Anri Sala, Dora Maurer and Michael Snow.

My artistic practice has been intertwined with an extensive career in documentary filmmaking.


2019    Light Flaps 1+2 & Meta-morphoses, Art Gallery of Northumberland, Coburg, Canada (June 2019)

2018    Light Flaps 2 & Meta-morphoses, Usine-C, Montreal, Canada

2018    Light Flaps 2, Maison de la culture NDG, Montreal, Canada

2017    Light Flaps, Maison de culture Frontenac, Montreal, Canada

2011     Light Flaps, Popop Studios Centre for Visual Arts, Nassau, Bahamas

2008   Meta-morphoses, Installation, Cinémathèque québecoise, Montreal Canada

2007   Shape-shifters, Museum of Cinematography, Lodz, Poland

1994    The Hand, Galerie Citron, Montreal, Canada

1992    Opening the Hand, National Museum of Cinematography, Lodz, Poland

1991     Powerless Hand, Gallery of Photographic Form, Lodz, Poland


2018    CRUX - Dlonie (Hands), Gallery Studio Georrgeville, Georgeville, Canada

2011    Meta-morphoses, Galerie Angers, Montreal, Canada

2011    Annual show of Foreign Service Community Association (FSCA), Ottawa, Canada

2011    Chambers of Light, Muzeum Sztuki (Museum of Contemporary Art), Lodz, Poland.

2008  Interférence Montréal, EuroFest, Cinéma du Parc, Montréal

2007  Sixth International Festival of Photography, Lodz Poland

1993    Uncovering Hidden Dimensions, Museum of Photographic Art, Odense, Denmark

1992    Polish Photography, Dom Kultury, Bratislava, Slovakia

1988    New Photography, Cultural Centre, Walbrzych, Poland

1987    The Alternative, Gallery by the Steps, Lodz, Poland


2018   IMPOSSIBLE TIMELAPSE III, experiemental, 6:18

2018   IMPOSSIBLE TIMELAPSE II, experiemental, 6:13

2016   IMPOSSIBLE TIMELAPSE I, experiemental, 7:30

2016   IMPROBALBE MIRROR, experimental, 3:30

2011    META-MORPHOSES 2, animated short film, 10min.

2008  META-MORPHOSES, experimental, 17min HD,

1997    WAITING FOR THE MESSIAH, doc. 16mm, 25min,

1991     CAVERNS, doc. 35mm, 12min, b&w

1990    BETWEEN THE BARK AND THE CORE, drama. 35mm, 10min

1989    SEARCH, drama. 35mm, 11min, colour.

            PROVOCATION, drama. 35mm, 6min, b&w.

            METAL WORKER, doc. 35mm, 3min, b&w.

 1988    BETON, drama. 35mm, 7min, colour,

            FALLING, drama. 35mm, 5min, b&w,

            EGG doc. VHS, 28min, colour,

 1987    BY MYSELF, drama. 35mm, 6min, b&w,

            A FILM FOR PHOTOGRAPHY, experimental, 30sec, b&w


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Muzeum sztuki (Musée d’art contomporain), Lodz, Pologne.

Muzeum kinematografii (Musée de cinématographie), Lodz, Pologne.

Gallerie Angers, Montreal.

Galeria FF, Lodz, Pologne.

Gallerie d’échange, Lodz, Pologne.

Dariusz Bienkowski, collection privée, Pologne.

André Théberge, collection privée, Montréal.


Stefan Nitoslawski has participated in over 100 documentary films or series, either as director or cinematographer. These productions have been broadcast worldwide.


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